Hello Hong Kong

This case is about welcoming and attracting global tourists to visit HK upon reopening.

To stand out among the tourism brands and effectively engage tourists at every stage of their journey, we needed an attention-grabbing approach that drive action.

Hello is a simple yet powerful word. ‘Hello Hong Kong’ has emerged as a platform to invite the world to say hello. It connects all those who have heard and said it. Through our ‘From, To, and Within’ communication strategy, we amplify our hello worldwide.

‘Hello FROM Hong Kong’ initiate Hello to friends, fans & families, “HK has been waiting for you to come back”. ‘Hello WITHIN Hong Kong’ unites and mobilizes the entire city join hands to extend a warm welcome to tourists with our best and new experiences. ‘Hello TO Hong Kong’ invites oversea fans Hello back to HK, shares their love for the city or their in-person experiences.