HsuFuChi Chinese New Year Memory Train

As a traditional Chinese candy brand, HsuFuChi used to be every Chinese family’s New Year staple. HsuFuChi needed to re-invoke families’ love for the brand during Chinese New Year.

Music is an integral part of Chinese New Year. We set out to take our target audience on a trip down memory lane, using music as a medium to connect with consumers, reminding them of good old times and connecting this nostalgia to HsuFuChi to drive sales. HsuFuChi created a Chinese New Year playlist on China’s top music app – Netease Music. We embedded the playlist into an interactive H5 page – nicknamed the “HsuFuChi Time Train” – and launched it right before CNY. Upon entering the Time Train, consumers could tune into historical Chinese New Year songs. We linked the H5 page back to HsuFuChi’s store on China’s biggest ecommerce platform, allowing consumers to place orders.