“I AM HERE”— IP Marketing for Growth

As China’s top-10 shopping complex, CDIFS targets customers from around China and promotes local culture to them. When brand building beyond its hometown is essential, CDIFS builds its branded mascot, “I AM HERE,” as a nationally recognized association that brings the brand’s personality alive and develops engaging experiences to attract visits and sales.

It employs branded scenes and merchandise to attract foot traffic, digital and social activation to optimize brand relevance, and affiliate marketing with top-tier brands to elevate the brand status. The mascot earned 4,000+ media reports, 515 million views, and 27.3 million shoppers’ visits in 2023. Its 17 million mentions in Google doubled the mentions of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ mascot. The branded IP social content brought 168.6% growth in online members recruited from multiple channels. Even the national media featured it as a must-visit landmark in Chengdu for tourists, indicating its contribution to the provincial economy.