Isobar Hong Kong Limited

“A journey for the Taste Makers. To distinguish and elevate JW Marriott Dining’s reputation amongst today’s fierce F&B climate, we created an experience to tell the rich and vibrant stories behind food.

A campaign was created to inspire and excite our audience and drive booking through great culinary stories and adventures revolving around Phuket and Hong Kong. We invited our guests to dive deep and embark on a culinary journey through time, to explore flavors, inspirations, and histories like never before.

The campaign site acted as the main driving force, delivering the objective of creating buzz and driving awareness of JW Marriott’s highly unique culinary experiences. With a localized deep-dive approach and in-depth storytelling, we increased preference and drove table bookings and trials.

We immersed our target audience in the world of culinary arts, attracting over 90,000 unique visitors from all over Asia Pacific with an impressive on-site duration of over 7 minutes. Taste the Journey was a success that provided us with a precious insight: people are still hungry for stories!”