“Join The Flip Side” with Samsung HK

Samsung Electronics Hong Kong (“Samsung HK”), our client, sought to ignite excitement and drive demand for its upcoming 5th-gen Galaxy foldable phones (B5Q5) as part of the global initiative, “Join The Flip Side”. With the reopening of the China-Hong Kong border in February 2023 after three long years, we seized the opportunity to target enthusiastic Greater Bay Area tourists (GBA) and expand Samsung HK’s regional customer base leading up to and throughout the B5Q5 September launch.

Our innovative online-to-offline (O2O) strategy seamlessly integrated hands-on experiences throughout the customer journey and amplified them online for maximum effect. By combining KOL content co-creation, targeted advertising, and enticing incentives, we successfully converted curious inbound GBA tourists into delighted customers. The result was a surge in online engagement on Samsung’s social media accounts and increased footfall at their captivating FlipSide Cafés and experience stores, leaving a lasting impression of the unforgettable “Flip Side” experience.