KangShiFu: Powerful Without Sugar

“In 2021, when KangShiFu unveiled its Zero-Sugar Iced Tea, it had two key objectives: Finding a unique way to elevate brand awareness and affinity with its target audience, young girls, as well as synergising content with eCommerce to drive sales.

KangShiFu wanted to help Chinese girls dismantle the stereotype that girls need to be sweet in order to be powerful, just like KangShiFu’s new zero-sugar iced tea.

So, it launched China’s first all-female hip-hop reality (variety) show: ‘Girls Like Us’, which was streamed on Tencent’s platforms. Girls across China were invited to audition for the show, Girls Like Us, and take part in the social movement as an ambassador for girls across China!

KangShiFu’s campaign ignited a social movement in China, creating an explosion in brand awareness and sales that instantly crowned the zero sugar iced tea as a star product in the zero-sugar beverage market.”