KangShiFu’s Chinese New Year Karaoke Reunion

“As Chinese New Year approached, KangShiFu needed to find an innovative way to connect to younger audiences, while not losing appeal with older audiences.

To do this, KangShiFu gave fresh life to one of China’s most beloved CNY songs, ‘冬天里的一把火’. Born 30 years ago during CNY, the song represents moments of reunion and Chinese New Year across generations. KangShiFu took this well-known festive song and decided to remix it, fusing hip hop elements into this 21st-century version, creating a true 360 degree integrated campaign that invited the whole family to get together and sing.

Through its unique remix, KangShiFu successfully bridged the generation gap, helping families to celebrate CNY together, while driving sales and building brand affinity with both the younger and older generation alike!”