Keep Clean With The Times

This is story of how washing machines sold dishwashers. After 20 years in the China market, dishwashers’ penetration rate stays pretty low. This is because dishwashers were still considered as unnecessary compared to the deep cultural tradition of hand-washing in China. To challenge consumer’s fixed mindset, we didn’t stick to the category norm of advertising the functional benefit of the product. Instead, we create a film to point out the same doubt people hold towards all kinds of new things: back to the 80s when washing machine were first introduced to China, they faced the exact same doubts as dishwashers now do! Siemens calls upon everyone to ‘keep clean with the times’: have an open mindset to embrace new things that will improve their life quality, just like dishwashers. This move had successfully made dishwashers be accepted by more Chinese people, and cultivated potential consumers for the future.