Lay’s: Find Your Flavour

“To increase sales and brand awareness for its 2021 flavour launch, Lay’s needed to connect young Chinese consumers who had moved cities with the taste of home.

Tapping into the insight that food can instantly trigger memories and that short videos are the hottest medium for Generation Z, Lay’s set out to deliver the taste of home by pioneering Douyin’s first ever immersive short-video documentary series: ‘Find Your Flavour’, which was also the platform’s first-ever co-created content with a brand.

In the series, each episode saw one of China’s top KOLs journeying home in search of the unvarnished flavours of their region, which uncoincidentally were one of the six new limited-edition Lay’s flavours.

By transforming regional cuisine into a celebration of one’s heritage, Lay’s was able to connect to the +200M young migrant workers across the nation, driving sales and brand affinity.”