For LEGO, we created a ‘learn through play’ experience that literally leapt from the media to put both kids and their parents at the center of a magical world they could then both explore and learn about together.

Instead of targeting just kids, we switched to weekend co-viewing moments to target both kids and parent to start a ‘what’s this?’ conversation between them. With easy links and call to actions, there was then a natural digital pathway into the ‘learn through play’ experience combining LEGO’s exclusive Artic content and products.

This also gave the product a natural role that answered both kids’ need for play and parents’ urgency for learning by uniquely straddling both play and learning. This moved Artic Adventure from being just a ‘nice to have’ new toy to a rewarding, and memorable learning adventure for both kid and parent, an essential ingredient in winning acceptability from parents and delivering the off-the-scale results.