Little Heroes’ Big Power!

In 2022, limited by COVID, kids also take online class without meeting friends. While LEGO feel responsible to help kids "Learn through Play", especially during special times.

Friends and family are an essential part of children's development. LEGO Heroes provide a role model and playmate, also a way for parents and kids spending time together without conflict. Heroes are heroes because of their inspiriting heroic stories, and stories could be read, listened to and played with.

Social, video and audio were our trio for the campaign. Our LEGO heroes come from Journey to the West and Ninjago Adventures. We put them into Himalaya, a leading podcast platform, kids' segment where they can listen to. We also collaborated with Tencent put relevant cartoons in heroes' section. On Douyin, we created a role play with our heroes! Through the stories, they learned to tell stories and played with our hero friends!