L’Occitane’s COVID Idol

Spring is usually L’Occitane’s most critical season for sales promotion, as it allows the brand to capitalise on its fresh ingredients. However, due to COVID-19, L’Occitane was unable to film and subsequently launch its planned KOL campaigns due to social distancing measures that prevented film shooting.

Tapping into the insight that Gen Z (made up of predominantly only children) was longing for connection during lockdown – L’Occitane partnered with China’s most popular virtual idol, Luo Tianyi, making her the brand’s official spokesperson. Besides creating impactful content that connected with Gen Z, L’Occitane matched Luo Tianyi up with China’s top livestream sale’s host, Li Jiaqi, to create the first ever livestream show to feature a virtual idol, harnessing the ultimate duo’s charisma to sell a limited edition L’Occitane spring gift set.