M·A·C the Matt Renaissance Super Brand Day Campaign

M·A·C x T-mall Super Brand Day started a new trend of matte makeup in 2020 through a concept of ‘Wan Wu Fu Xing’ which means the revival of matte make-up’, but played a word game between ‘matte’ and ‘fog’ in Chinese context. In this campaign, M·A·C had in-depth cooperation with celebrities who played the roles of matte make-up opinion leaders; also taking fashion trends as a breakthrough, customized the first domestic make-up live variety show — “Matte Makeup Challenge”. All of the above has attracted a lot of attention and volume. In T-mall ecosystem, multi-channel linked together and various forms of interaction all improved sales conversion. With these innovative marketing methods, M·A·C successfully defended its No. 1 ranking in makeup brand on T-mall .