Making a unique urban city #StarlightBnB

■Overall : More than 18 great spots, showcased in 13 episodes in the Most Welcoming Regions on Earth, are strategically planned for tourism e-commerce sales.

■Netflix & OTT campaign : Through the first-ever global promotion on Netflix, the charm and visibility of Taitung expanded to 130 countries. In just 1 month, it quickly rose to the top 10 in international rankings in HK, Singapore and Taiwan, generating over 6k social discussions.

■#StarlightBnB resulted: This initiative aims to expand the overall impact of our content and, through the hashtag #StarlightBnB, assist domestic and travelers in swiftly planning their itineraries, drove a remarkable 143.2% increase in tourists and significantly boosted tourism revenue.

■Advertising success: 3 million high-click-rate exposures, driving 142.7% growth in Taitung’s tourism business.

■Setting records: Taiwanese film & Connect TV, recognized by Taitung County Government.

■Beyond numbers: Travelers embraced Taitung’s unique “inherent temperament”, discovering themselves in its unhurried lifestyle.