“What many don’t know is that these allergies are caused by weather born allergens. GSK and Flixonase set out to change this, and inform people across China of the cause of their allergy symptoms.

Our solution was to, for the first time, add allergen information to Chinas most popular weather APP. People could check allergen levels when they checked weather and pollution levels.

We knew that many people across China check weather apps every day. Giving us the perfect platform for informing people of the weather born allergy levels on a particular day.

We chose the Moji Weather app, China’s #1 weather Mobile app, to execute our strategy.

Our Innovative approach was to source an Allergen data provider and connect this to a weather app, providing this data to consumers for the first time in this easy-to-see way. We called this, The Flixonase Allergy Monitor. We then served people a time-sensitive coupon to redeem in pharmacies.

But, MOST IMPORTANTLY we offered genuine assistance to allergy suffers across China.”