Mercedes-Benz G-Box

Engaging users means engaging their senses. Combining the visual quality of a gaming engine with real samples and powerful sound lets users experience the iconic SUV with more than just the eye. The new form of user experience is multi-sensory – emotionalizing users on their journey to their individual car. 3D-printed parts to get a feeling about shape and material invite the user to interact with more than just the screen, allowing for direct interaction via RFID. Visual feedback works both ways, with built-in LEDs highlighting possible choices or syncing with the chosen ambient light color. The iconic sound of the SUV adds an acoustic level – goosebumps guaranteed. In the G-Box, we united gaming engine based car configurator with other physical and digital core technologies, such as WeChat-Miniprogram, to extend the customer interaction beyond the showroom with shareable and personalized content. Making it a fully connected multi-sensory experience.