OMO: Dirt for Good

“In 2021, as part of its Dirt for Good brand purpose, OMO wanted to empower Chinese consumers to get dirty for a clean future. It needed to find a way to respond to the global climate crisis domestically in China, while scaling its efforts by enabling consumers to get involved.

So, OMO partnered with leading Chinese NGO Green River to sponsor 7 Protection Stations across Qinghai, asking tourists to collect, deposit and recycle trash collected along their journeys at one of the 7 protection stations. A mountain of plastic made from recycled trash was constructed at the protection station to represent the size of the plastic problem.

Finally, OMO went further than supporting recycling efforts. As part of its Clean Future business strategy, all of its key stakeholders, including R&D teams, NGOs and consumers were involved in its ten-year sustainable production commitment plan.”