Pepsi Black’s Virtual Band Experience

Pepsi is known for partnering with top music stars to bolster its image and appeal to young, trendy consumers. However, in 2020, COVID19 had placed severe limitations on large physical concerts, leading to eSports gaming and virtual idols replacing live music as the top past time for China’s youth.

Knowing that gamers had shifted their interests towards healthier lifestyle options as a result of COVID-19, Pepsi needed to find an innovative way to connect with the 400M gamers that make up China’s impressive game world and promote Pepsi Black – its healthier, sugar-free beverage.

To do this, Pepsi partnered with K/DA, the incredibly popular virtual idol band created inside League of Legends, and created the ultimate online-to-offline integrated collaboration typically reserved for A-level musicians – from limited edition K/DA x Pepsi merchandise and pop-up stores, to exclusive K/DA giftboxes and content on social.