PizzaHut Delivery I am sorry “ZeroHarm” to everyone

Pizza Hut experienced an outstanding +83% surge in online delivery sales during the pandemic, coupled with significant organic and paid traffic growth. However, the shift of consumers back to physical stores, post-COVID restrictions, posed a challenge to e-commerce traffic. To address this, strategically employed the “One Search” solution, utilizing consumer search behavior insights to create unique and enjoyable pizza experiences. This approach featured a flexible budget control mechanism between paid and organic search.

Successfully leveraging the “Zero Harm Circle” campaign on April Fool’s Day, One Search not only generated buzz but also yielded an increase in organic searches. The solution provided real-time monitoring and strategic adjustments, resulting in a surge in website/app traffic and an impressive revenue increase in overall search on April 1st. These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the One Search solution in enhancing overall delivery sales amid changing consumer behaviors.