PizzaHut Delivery I am sorry “ZeroHarm” to everyone

Amid the pandemic, Pizza Hut’s online delivery sales surged by +83%, supported by increased daily organic and paid traffic. With the easing of COVID restrictions in 2023, a decline in e-commerce traffic was anticipated as consumers returned to physical stores. To address this shift, PizzaHut revitalized its “Daring to Play” and “Fun” image within stores, resulting in a return of foot traffic.

Facing challenges in sustaining delivery sales growth amid the resurgence of brick-and-mortar stores, the “One Search” solution was implemented. This strategy leveraged consumer search behavior insights to create unique pizza experiences, emphasizing a flexible budget control mechanism between paid and organic search. Successfully seizing the April Fool’s Day opportunity with the “Zero Harm Circle” campaign, PizzaHut achieved and increased in organic searches, alongside notable overall results: an increase in website/app traffic and revenue in overall search on April 1st.