Pokémon Air Adventures

This is a campaign that Pokémon encourage people going out for adventures. Pokémon was born as a Nintendo game and expanded its own IP to animations, trading cards and other merchandising. Its brand message has been 'going out for adventures' always. However, during COVID period, people could not go out for travel or play outside. Now COVID is fading out, this 'Pokémon Air Adventures' campaign created joy of going out by leveraging Pokémon IPs. We collaborated with partners to locate Pokémon on an aircraft, MRTs and public spaces, so that people can find the monsters just like Pokémon games in real world.

The campaign successfully spread on media and social networks. PR value exceeded USD 2 million and more than 10,000 posts have been shared. It contributed to increase MRT passengers and more than 50,000 people joined the event.