Real Magic Data Fusion Brings Real Results

TCCC introduced a novel data-driven strategy to revolutionize how audiences are targeted, starting with Sprite, its second-largest brand. By partnering with JingDong Technology, we’ve devised a bespoke audience model named WINR to categorize millions of consumers into three groups: loyal Weekly+ drinkers, potential Intenders, and hard-to-convert Rejecters. This strategy leverages not just brand-related e-commerce data but also broader consumer history, leading to ten precisely defined audience segments.

We overcame e-commerce data limitations by combining media and CRM datasets for refined audience profiles, improving targeting accuracy. Our approach outperformed Jingdong’s existing black-box algorithms, leading to more effective media performance and boosted sales, validated by the Cost per Order (CPO) metric.

This strategic WINR model for segmenting and activating audiences sets a new benchmark in precision marketing and is a stride forward in achieving personalized engagement in China’s intricate media environment, optimally reaching different consumer profiles and driving sales success.