Saving Lives in Social Tribes

Cervical cancer caused by HPV infection claims 30,000 lives in China annually, but it is preventable with HPV vaccinations. MSD is dedicated to saving lives and helping the vaccine's main target group, female students aged 18-24. In 2022, the Healthy China 2023 Blueprint made the vaccine widely available, which garnered high awareness but low conversion. MSD investigated and found that lack of knowledge on different types of protection and complicated vaccination processes were the barriers. To overcome these barriers, MSD partnered with Bilibili, the No.1 long video platform in China, to leverage the power of social tribes. MSD identified the top four social tribes and partnered with tribe influencers to create edu-tainment info in overcoming vaccination barriers. The campaign's performance was impressive and increased online appointments for HPV vaccination, achieving a big impact with a relatively small budget.