Setting the New Benchmark for EC Targeting

Dyson products always come at a very premium price point. That means we have to be extra selective seeking out prospects who can pay the difference, and also have the psychographic profile to recognize the value the premium brings.

Leveraging Dyson’s strong sales with both China’s biggest e-commerce platforms JingDong (JD) and TMall, we set out to combine social and purchase data on both their wider ecosystems: Tencent and Alibaba respectively.

This campaign required new data management and activation skills to do not one, but two never done before activations to combine social Weibo data with TMall purchase data on Alibaba, and social WeChat data with JD purchase data on Tencent to create suitable audiences that fulfilled both the necessary economic and psychographic descriptions.

The hyper-targeting had exceptional business results across both ecosystems. On Tencent, we achieved +242% uplift in purchase versus those not exposed, and on Alibaba, there was a +43%.

Perhaps the biggest achievement was that these efforts established a new best practice approach for Dyson with both Tencent and Alibaba, and have been used by both platforms as examples of best in class data integration and targeting.