Skittles Thematic_Jump Into The Rainbow

Skittles, a leading confectionery brand in China, faced challenges in engaging Gen-Z consumers and expanding its online sales presence. To combat this, we launched the innovative “”Skittles’ Fantasy Island”” in virtual world, tapping into cultural insights surrounding mental health breaks among Chinese youth.

Partnering with Meituan, China’s largest O2O platform, we created an immersive digital experience allowing youth to escape from reality into Skittles’ vibrant world via a dedicated mini-program on WeChat and Meituan. This integration blurred the lines between virtual and real worlds, with Skittles elements seamlessly appearing on Meituan APP and offline delivery assets.
Results were remarkable: Skittles’ sales on Meituan surged by 130% YoY, showcasing the campaign’s impact on consumer behavior. Our O2O partnership showed significant engagement on Weibo, with 78.59 million reads and discussions. The Fantasy Island experience proved captivating, with users spending an average of over 6.8 minutes engaging, significantly surpassing industry standards.