Snickers: The World’s First Ultraman-Themed Gaokao Experience

Snickers, long known as the trusted hunger solution for Chinese students during exam preparation, faced with challenges of devising new tactics for 2023 Gaokao season as students return to traditional classrooms after the pandemic. Snickers developed a novel marketing approach to respond. As the first time in industry, Snickers launched the 24-hour virtual study space on Bilibili, a platform favored by Generation Z. This virtual environment offers a realistic classroom experience, complete with live classes from Bilibili influencers, and interactive features tailored to students’ schedules. Additionally, a special episode promoting Snickers as exam preparation fuel was distributed on youth-centric platforms.

Results were remarkable: virtual study room attracted more than 65% of users under the age of 24, with an engagement rate of 32%. Snickers brand enjoyed a 40% surge in Q2 sales and a 0.6% gain in penetration. Snickers solidified its position as hunger solution for Gaokao preparation.