Solving Kids-sized World Problems

Adults often see LEGO® as a toy with one goal – build, complete, and done. For kids however, it’s an on-going play. They build, unbuild and rebuild. Kids bring imagination and creativity into problem solving. We wanted parents to see that there are a multitude of ways to play with LEGO®, and they are a long lasting companion that fosters creative problem solving skills. Through innovative OOH, we invited adults to try seeing the world from kids’ perspective and rebuild the world together with LEGO®, using kids’ creative problem solving ideas. We transformed metro light-boxes and bus stops that are near schools and residential areas into immersive installations with LEGO® bricks. Packed with unexpected real ideas that solve kids-sized problems, our installations inspired parents with creative solutions before they head home. Our campaign inspired parents across their day-to-day media journey with deployment of screen media and social media.