“Stay in & Glow” Spurs Glamglow Growth

Glamglow is an award-winning skincare brand whose mantra is, “show the world everyone can glow like a star,”” carrying a range of leading products that address many skincare concerns. While Glamglow has successfully developed a cult following through its fun packaging, social media savvy and innovative natural ingredient blends, the brand didn’t escape the harsh commercial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by so many businesses. Glamglow faced new challenges, but rather than hitting pause, the brand worked with our team to act boldly with a new strategy to offset dwindling store revenues – the “Stay In & Glow” campaign was born.

Through Stay In & Glow, Glamglow focused on influencer partnerships with KOLs to reach audiences in creative, relevant and credible ways, tapping our agency to develop a digital strategy that harnessed full-funnel paid media channels to amplify the rich storytelling curated by passionate skincare and beauty influencers.