Strategic Media Proficiency:Cathay Pacific’s Revival and Sales Uptick

Cathay Pacific Airways, amidst the travel industry’s post-pandemic resurgence, aimed to boost business travel services and ticket sales. Facing reduced brand awareness and high churn in ticket purchases.
Our strategy focused on pioneering programmatic ad technology. Tailored, eye-catching ads and compelling content targeted potential consumers, while enhanced conversion optimization technology boosted ticket purchase rates.
We split into two phases, Phase 1 saw a 70% increase in unique reach and 45% higher click-through rate. Phase 2 achieved a remarkable 23% improvement in ticket-buying retention rates, with ticket sales soaring by an impressive average ROAS increase of 9.97 times.
By leveraging valuable data from innovative programmatic technology and the insight finder, we successfully reached authentic ticket-buying customers, optimizing the ROAS to an all-time high.