Talcid Drink Marketing Campaign

Step one: Near CNY, the very first Talcid & ON THE ROAD pop-up store in Jing'an was launched. It ensured the Talcid and its product message were presented as the main part of the bar design so that the association of the drinking and the Talcid was well built. Under the theme "#Cheers", there were five custom cocktails named after raise-salary, good-luck offered to participants.

Step two: Invited 180+ middle-level KOLs related to lifestyle and fashion to visit the customized bar. It successfully generated PGC on social platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Red, Douyin) and seeding platform Dianping.

Step three: During CNY, leverage Douyin to promote offline video highlights with incentives to engage with users. We created a topic page "#Happy drink, and all your wishes will become true" (#喜提这一杯 万事皆达喜) where people can engage and share to continue the social buzz.