The Effortlessly Cool Convenience Store

“In China, due to stereotype of men wearing makeups and the mindset of complicated makeup routines, male consumers generally held concerns to use cosmetic products. Meanwhile, there are few mid-to-high liquid foundation products in Mainland China for male consumers. Here comes the L’Oréal Men Expert Impeccable Liquid Foundation.
We created a futuristic pop-up “convenience store” with fun interactions, enabling Gen-Z to experience effortless cool with the fashion makeup on the spot. In the styling carnival, city boys were invited to try out the products as “touch-up’ instead of “make-up”, take shots in cool outfits and accessories and embrace their new selves with instant make-over in an immersive edgy space.
As a result, consumers couldn’t wait to cool themselves up in the “Convenience Store”, contributing to the 140,000 sold foundations on L’Oréal Men Expert’s EC platform and delivering the bold style manifesto of the new generation.”