The Selfish Gifters

LEGO, the global leader in creative play, promotes reinvention for all. Their reality show, LEGO Masters, features builders competing with LEGO creations, boosting brand desirability by 9.5% in Season 1. In Season 2, LEGO aims to transition brand preference into product desire, driving purchases. Launched during Christmas, LEGO sees an opportunity for perfect gifts, countering the tendency for gifts to sit unused. By encouraging givers to use LEGO for personalized creations, the program showcases endless gifting possibilities. China’s most talented LEGO builders, LEGO Masters, inspire with personalized gifts like dumbbells for fitness enthusiasts, camping sites for nature lovers, and musical instruments for musicians. These gifts reflect relationships and wishes for the new year. The LEGO Masters special edition was a huge success, further enhancing the LEGO brand and its products.