The Virtual Asset Foundry

AmorePacific leads the charge in modern marketing by introducing the Virtual Asset Foundry, a pioneering initiative reshaping Marketing Technology. Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods in agility and customization, AmorePacific developed an efficient system harnessing digital twins and cloud-rendering. Crafted meticulously for brands like Sulwhasoo, Laneige, RYO, and Innisfree, these digital twins enable swift customization and scalability, amplifying brand representation across diverse media channels. The integration of digital twins not only streamlines asset creation but also positions AmorePacific at the forefront of MarTech, primed for the metaverse and AI-driven content generation. Within six months, 25 products were transformed into over 1500 virtual assets, setting a new standard for innovation and adaptability. Looking forward, AmorePacific commits to enhancing production efficiency, meeting escalating market demands, and solidifying its trailblazing status in the beauty and digital spheres through Marketing Technology excellence.