Tmall Gen Z campaign

To most Chinese GenZ, Tmall – China’s No.1 e-Commerce brand, is just a shop-and-go platform. No wonder they are less “sticky” with Tmall VS. other mainstream short video and social content platforms. To reconnect with GenZ, we create the first ever virtual spokesperson “Qian Miao”, who is personified based on big data from all Gen Z’s shopping behaviors. We found that Gen Z don’t want to be limited by experiencing one life. “Qian Miao” becomes the 1st generation natives and successfully call on over 50 million young users to settle in and explore unlimited possibilities here! Together with “Qian Miao”, young users keep producing infinitely interesting contents, such as take selfies, explore new hobbies and even do charity and they are willing to spend more time in Tmall. The campaign successfully reshapes Tmall to be more about “living in a cyber lifestyle” rather than “selling products”.