2022 Amazon Ads Gala

Ads Gala is the annual CN brand avenue developed to engage with current and prospective brand owners, advertisers, industry stakeholders, and influencers to address CN specific customer needs and time-bound challenges, share cross-border advertising insights and industry trends, and showcase Amazon Ads' brand and solutions. The event centered around four brand themes "reach", "relevance", "results" and "relationship", featuring diverse formats like welcome speech, keynote, scenario show, debate, lightning talk, panel and breakout sessions to provide informative and immersive hybrid event experience. With the unique China to worldwide cross-border perspective, we elaborate CN specific supports to help customers succeed through economic downturn and headwinds, strengthen CN customers' confidence and intention in cross-border business and demonstrate our commitment to CN overseas brand success. Ads Gala successfully grows Amazon Ads brand familiarity and upper funnel positioning in China, with 1.72M virtual attendees, 612M impressions, 33M engagements and 15M on-demand video views.