Innovating Accessible Sustainability: Shell’s AI-Driven Campaign to Eco-Mobility

Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) serves as both an educational initiative and corporate brand communication. 2023 marked its 5th year in China, presenting our ongoing challenge to consistent innovation. Additionally, forging effective connections between this specialized engineering initiative and Chinese energy-engaged citizens lacking industrial knowledge has posed a persistent challenge.

Our solution? An INDUSTRY-FIRST AI POWERED CAR DESIGN PROGRAM. By fusing Shell’s sustainable energy expertise with AI, we democratized the sophisticated car design, transforming individual visions into shareable masterpieces.

Leveraging influencers and multi-channel marketing strategies, our outcome was remarkable: within three days, our program garnered a staggering 700,000 participations, marking a quadruple increase in viewership during SEM Finale livestream. Social media erupted into a frenzy, racking up 310.5million impressions. This not only reaffirmed Shell’s leadership in sustainability but deeply resonated with the public, evidenced by an outstanding 95% positive sentiment rate on Weibo, equivalent to Twitter during campaign period.