LEO Digital

LEO Digital believes that Integration is replacing single service and Innovation is restructuring tradition. This challenging age of complex platforms, always-on connectivity and constantly changing consumer preferences and behaviors requires a new kind of agency model that can provide "consumer-centric, data-enabled and content-targeted" integrated services to help brands navigate the landscape and better reach every aspect of consumers' digital life.

LEO Digital unveiled its "Reshape Communications" strategy, the core of which is a "Digital-Driven Business Transformation" integrated service model. LEO Digital innovatively moved forward to lengthen upstream and downstream industry chain to effectively combining business consulting & digital data, product R&D, package design, digital-driven creative & media, social content, interactive entertainment IP, short videos, new retail, social e-commerce and private traffic to achieve a "1+1>2 effect". The new model will maximize the effectiveness of marketing and energize our clients to achieve win-win in both communications and business.