Top gifting choice

This case shows how we used media to make UNIQLO the top Chinese New Year (CNY) gifting choice.

With a deep understanding of people’s CNY shopping behavior, precision targeting and AI technology, we successfully found a way to target gift-givers who are going back to their hometown for the holiday. Media was strategically used in every step of consumers’ CNY journey to make clothing and UNIQLO relevant for the holiday season.

We used Location-Based Service to identify people who are going back to hometown in CNY, and we launched a mobile AI feature on WeChat to invite people to take family pictures and give them cloth recommendations, and at last, we promoted an “order online, pick-up offline” service where people can buy clothes online and then their elder loved ones can pick up the gifts in a UNIQLO store in their hometown.

We were able to give out coupons to 14.24 million people. 1.04 million family pictures were uploaded in our WeChat feature. 744,000 people became new UNIQLO store members.

UNIQLO’s ULD series for the elder generation sold 326% more compared to the previous Chinese New Year!