Uber Taxi: Rethink Your Ride

In HK, hailing a taxi has long been the go-to method for immediate transportation, but challenges in adverse situations remains. Introducing Uber Taxi as a convenient alternative, offering a more accessible option when a taxi is most needed! However, HK riders remain unfamiliar with the service, highlighting the need to enhance its appeal.

Key Objectives are clear:
Rise general awareness of Uber Taxi
Explain the merits of Uber Taxi in simple and memorable ways
Improve usage of Uber Taxi, betting the behaviorial inertia of street hailing

By combining these elements—captivating films, an immersive AR filter game, innovative online display and outdoor placements, influencer collaborations, and strategic PDOOH executions—we crafted a comprehensive and strategically planned campaign. This approach allowed us to generate awareness, drive engagement, and highlight the unique benefits of Uber Taxi to the people of Hong Kong, tightening the brand image and exposure.