Under Armour: Listen! Don’t Run.

Running is highly accessible but injury-prone, with over 80% of Chinese runners experiencing injuries. Under Armour, a leading sportswear brand, promotes a scientific approach to minimize injuries, focusing on those with up to 3 years of experience or aiming to break personal records. They aim to raise awareness of scientific running techniques before full training routines. Although running seems simple, intricate techniques are essential, with 92.3% of runners supporting scientific training, 89.8% monitoring their posture, and nearly 90% valuing strength training. Most sports brands lack guidance on technique, leading to injuries. Under Armour compiled diverse runner stories for a guide emphasizing scientific techniques. They also interviewed runners, creating a comprehensive runner’s notebook and audio content paired with NFC-enabled warning signs on popular routes, reaching millions of listeners, selling thousands of notebooks, and receiving tens of millions of digital accesses.