Unraveling Mom’s untold truth with intention-led communication

In Taiwan, the infant formula industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards a competitive and diversified landscape. This resulted in information and choice overload for Taiwanese parents, leading to heightened anxiety and frustration as they navigate the complex decision-making process. While NAN boasts a portfolio of classic products and remains committed to innovation, as the current market leader, NAN face the challenge of customer retention and aim to entice customers to explore additional offerings within NAN’s comprehensive product portfolio. We employ an intention-led data strategy utilizing multi-party data to do segmentation of parents’ brand-switching tendencies and then communicate them with customized solutions. In this case, we not only recaptured the attention of lost customers but also preemptively took action to prevent their departure. Post-campaign, NAN’s retention rate surged by 16%, and recognition of NAN’s comprehensive infant solution increased by an impressive 28%, fostering both brand image and short-term business growth.