Virtual Production 2.0:Yahoo DSP Summit

Virtual production is the most advanced technology in filmmaking and often used in top-tier projects. It’s a new approach that takes away post-production hassles, and allows filmmakers to revolutionize their filming process.

Yahoo TV collaborated with MoonShine Production and integrated both most advanced technologies to create ” Virtual Production 2.0 ” . The production revolution will be our immersive and B2B solution to enhance Yahoo TV immersive leading position in Taiwan.

We are the pioneer to adopt virtual production 2.0 in annual mega event: Yahoo DSP Fearless Summit. This event includes 50-min DSP/cookieless speeches and a 20-min charity concert for the disadvantaged affected by COVID.

After the virtual summit, 94.3% of attendees agree Yahoo TV is leading in advanced AR production. “ Yahoo shows unparalleled ambition in immersive technology ” Chris Chen, the CMO from ezTravel said.