VOLVOs branded entertainment campaign

“During 2021, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control announced Level-3 Alert, this policy prevented people form going outside and directly affected VOLVO our automotive client, how can we solve the problem when people were not visiting the showrooms anymore. Thus, we developed two series of branded content for VOLVO. ‘我的VOLVO怎么那么可爱 (How cute is my VOLVO!)’ and ‘今天來個VOLVO GO’. In sum 4 episodes in total, 2 episodes per series. The content become online sales kit for customers and motivated the sales consultants, which work for both the TA and VOLVO sales.

Organically our content generated 580,000 views on YouTube with over 50 media reports. Increased showroom traffic- 135.5% for XC90, 133.5% for XC40 during the campaign. VOLVO Taiwan the client is highly satisfied with this first ever branded entertainment creation.”