Wash Together

Bosch Washing Machine – Break the Laundry Taboo

There is a long traditional “laundry taboo” that children’s clothes MUST be separated from adults’ in washing machine to avoid bacterial cross-infection.
Bosch boldly introduced No.1 KOL – Papi who just gave birth to a baby, as the new brand ambassador to break this taboo. This action suddenly triggered huge social debate between “Washing Separate” VS. “Washing Together”. Then Bosch revealed the hygiene standard of its new Active Oxygen Washer is even higher than separate washing, which effectively drove consumer curiosity about the product superiority among the sameness washing machine brands.
The campaign successfully drove huge traffics to this product’s sales volume on eCommerce platform, achieving a 150% increment compared to non-campaign period! More importantly, several Chinese media outlets including People’s Daily began to question and highlight all the prevalent and unnecessary dogmas.