We are the Changemakers

Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) is a worldwide engineering program for STEM students, aims to inspire participants to design, build and test-drive energy-efficient vehicles to explore how to “travel further on one liter of fuel”. After a 3-year pause, SEM China 2023 rebooted on-track competition. It was vital to re-introduce SEM to both participants and the audience.
Shell nailed a people-centric approach by finding out that the target audience cared about authentic stories, then launched the “We are the Changemakers” IMC campaign, pivoting its strategy to an immersive ‘story-living’ experience. Through micro-documentaries & IG reels-style videos and positioning itself into a news bureau, Shell brought the audience a live broadcast of a reality show of SEM students. Coupled with high-tech creativities like AI-generative content, AR technology, and 3D-OOH, and renowned media dissemination, SEM China 2023 converted the core offline audience into online views, and successfully brought the STEM competition into the limelight.