World Cup Delivered to Your Door

The World Cup has always been the biggest sports event for beer brands. However in December 2022, a growing covid crisis restricted people from gathering. As an advocator of being #hapitogether, Harbin Beer aims to deliver more beer and happiness to people, even when at home.

Harbin Beer partnered with O2O giant Eleme, to deliver an online-to-offline World Cup experience with games, beer and late-night snacks to your door, within 30 minutes.

Harbin Beer developed a playful mechanism where users predicted and bet their Eleme 'beans' on every match to win Harbin gifts. Every goal made triggered an instant Red Packet Lucky Draw. Every street was filled with Eleme's delivery army as Harbin Beer's movable billboards.

The "World Cup Delivered to Your Door" won 1.6 billion impressions and sales boost through the Eleme platform. A HAPI World Cup was delivered.