Your vitamin is in Centrum

Our strategy utilized data’s power, leveraged AI solution to analyze massive audience data. Crafting 22 consumer groups and 37 unique perspectives across six product lines with 950 creative assets, our tailored messaging elevated brand presence and drove purchases. This data-driven approach aimed at maintaining top-of-mind status and driving sales. Leveraging AI-II (Intent & Intention), we dissected health-related data, forming four key persona groups. Meticulously crafting Target Audience groups refined our strategy to consumer needs. The AI-MH (Magic House) tool ensured a data-rich communication plan with over 100 scenario variations and a precise Call to Action. Our innovative AI-Spokesman embodied Centrum’s messaging across 950+ creative assets, creating a personalized health care narrative. The campaign surpassed objectives, achieving +32% YOY sales revenue growth, +50% sales growth, and a rejuvenated market share. Leveraging AI resulted in a 35% cost saving and significantly improved work lead time, culminating in an impressive ROAS of 28.