Your vitamin is in Centrum

We devised a strategy uniting economic efficiency with AI technology for optimal impact and ROI. Precision targeting, powered by sophisticated MarTech data analytics and exclusive AI innovations, ensured personalized messages resonating with each consumer’s preferences. This technological approach created a diverse ecosystem of engaged consumer segments, enhancing brand retention and inspiring purchase desire. Our goal was to employ advanced technologies to refine targeting into 22 groups, infusing vitality into message design with 37 unique perspectives across six product lines, utilizing 950 creative assets. This blend of technological prowess and strategic focus showcased our commitment to innovation and accuracy, setting us apart in a dynamic marketplace. The campaign surpassed objectives, achieving +32% YOY sales revenue growth, +50% sales growth, and a rejuvenated market share. Leveraging AI resulted in a 35% cost saving and significantly improved work lead time, culminating in an impressive ROAS of 28.