Your vitamin is in Centrum

Our online strategy was meticulously crafted for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By leveraged with AI powered exclusive solution which is AI-II (AI Insights & Intention) & AI-MH (AI Magic House), deep-dived into massive audience data from multiple sources, ensuring precise digital targeting, and reaching consumers with the most relevant content. Creating diverse 22 consumer segments and delivering customized messages with 37 unique perspectives across six product lines using 950 creative assets that not only reinforced brand recognition but also actively encouraged purchases.
The campaign surpassed objectives. The business result achieved +32% YOY sales revenue growth in Q1 2023, overdelivered +50% sales growth, and a rejuvenated market share. We also achieved this far more efficiently by harnessing AI that 35% cost saving in production and significantly improved work lead time. Ultimately, our smart leverage the AI solution tools into marketing achieved an impressive ROAS of 28, showcasing exceptional efficiency and success.