Zespri’s Digital Revolution

“To cater to Chinese consumers’ growing preference for online purchases post-pandemic, Zespri needed to make a strategic shift in initiating its digital-led precision marketing to increase brand visibility and sales amongst our target audience, embark on data-driven audience analysis to fuel and deepen brand communications, and doing this at an always-on basis to form building blocks of Zespri’s first party database for constant optimization and marketing sustainability.

The increasing data partnerships with Bytedance and others coupled with the shift to an always-on digital approach heightened with hyped-up digital media activities allowed Zespri to create a constant data loop and optimization plan, facilitating quality reach-based precision targeting via lookalikes, high engagement-based retargeting via high-interest groups, and finally conversion-based push of the low hanging fruits.

The always-on digital-led precision marketing effort for constant optimization and data-driven audience analysis delivered excellent results for Zespri in 2021.”